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2 BB Fans give us their opinions!
Lainey - I am undecided to be honest! I think they will do well part of me thinks they will be a little annoying at times but I think they will also be sweet and nice which may change public perception on them!

Robert - I think they are very lively and this will eventually become too much for the housemates and cause stress and arguments in the house. They are good people to have in the house as they never get tired and are always making noice which will provide good entertainment after the housemates get fed up.

Sally Bercow

Lainey - Ooh she is fiesty, think it will be love or hate. I dont think she will be my favourite as it irritates me when people say they fight against the man surely if ya were individual and your own person you wouldnt need to say that kind of cliche! We shall see I think she may fizzle and be a bit of a letdown to be honest!

Robert - I think she is extremely confident and her own person, won't let other housemates push her around and will fight for what she wants in the house, probably causing a few rows and fights along the way. Possibly going to be very entertaining

Bobby Sabel
Lainey - Very gorgeous! I have no idea to be honest on him as I hadnt heard of him before! Think he will be good to take part in tasks and give things a go but may be a bit Dane Bowers like no personality!

Lucient Laviscount
Lainey - Lucient I like him as an actor but actors are tempramental! think he may be a bit immature at times! I want to see what he adds to the house and if he has a personality one apart from loving himself Hope I can watch him on tv again and like him after this

Robert - Lucien seems a bit boring to me so far, haven't seen much else about him. I don't know if he will do anything extremely interesting in the house

Darryn Lyons
Lainey - A Complete ass, not someone I would like personally but I think he will be perfect for Big Brother! he will be the funny, cheeky, controversial hate figure is my guess! But at least he is always himself and entertaining

Robert - I think he is a bit stuck up his own arse, I think it will be very entertaining seeing Big Brother take away all the priviledges he is used to and he will have to survive with only the basic things, his fortune can't help him here.

Kerry Katona
Lainey - Think she may do ok! Not sure yet it could go either way for her! I think she may do well if she doesnt start moaning and becoming exactly who the public thought she was before! Not sure she will win as the dislike for her is strong but she may do well!

Robert - I am not sure about Kerry... she may provide entertainment, I think her diva task will be fun to watch, thats all I can say for the moment (At this point Robert had to leave due to previous commitments)

Amy Childs
Lainey - Amy not really a fan! she is not as thick as she is trying to make out in my honest opinion! if she was she wouldnt have got to where she is at the minute! Think she will struggle at being herself, not my cup of tea at the minute!

Tara Reid
Lainey - Not a fan my least favourite housemate on first impressions! Will see what she is like seems a little dull and a little too *do you know who you are talking to* at the minute.Diva esq and may be first out in my opinion if shes up!

Pamla Bach -
Lainey - Not a fan flighty and up herself would have preferred pam anderson to be honest! She may get the shock of her life in their and be one of the ones who cries and breaks down in there!

Paddy Doherty
Lainey - Paddy is my fave at the min! my initial favourite! I am used to characters like him and I think people will grow to love him! possible winner I reckon if he brings out the cheeky chappy Irish side! him and Darryn lyons may make a great pair!

Brian Dowlings Hosting
Lainey - Brian was awful at first turned it into the generation game or something it was so cheesey but I thought he got better as the night went on and it must have been pretty daunting! Only time will tell with him! wish he wouldnt over camp it though its not him and its just so false! Overall good though!

These are Lainey and Roberts opinions, Not Ours at Showbiz World.

We would like to thank Lainey and Robert for the time given and for giving us such a great article!
and SW Fans and give us their opinion on this years lot

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